Indoor Air Quality

Royal Heating and Air Conditioning has the technology and experience to evaluate the indoor air quality to keep your employees and customers safe when there are airborne threats.  

Indoor air quality should be a top priority for any business. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution among the top five health risks and states the best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollution.

Viruses and bacteria attach themselves to dust particles in the air the size of 0.3 microns, which is what a HEPA efficiency level air purifier can filter out. More sophisticated filters capture particles as tiny as 0.007 microns at a greater than 99.99% efficiency.

One important aspect in the fight against microbes is UV light but it’s important to understand UV light first. There are several different types of UV light. Far-UVC light kills airborne flu viruses, like the coronavirus, without danger to humans. This type of light cannot penetrate even the outer layer of human skin but because bacteria and viruses are of micrometer or smaller, far-UVC can penetrate and kill them.

PureCloud with ActivePure® Technology uses UV light with their proprietary photocatalytic process to remove harmful contaminants from your indoor environment.

ActivePure Technology

In the Air

ActivePure is carried throughout an area, reducing smoke, odors, and contaminants where they start. It’s the primary reason activTek products can be so effective – whether it’s a fan in the unit or the fan in an HVAC system, moving air through an activTek unit is simply a means to deliver the power of ActivePure®. Much like dropping dye into water to see how it disperses, air in the environment is continuously treated, as long as the unit is in operation. This eliminates the need to try to pass all the air in the target area through the unit or worry about air exchange rates.

On Exposed Surfaces

As the ActivePure-rich air reaches interior surfaces, it continues to work, assisting in the maintenance of cleaning programs long after cleaners and disinfectants have evaporated (Note: ActivePure is not intended as a substitute for cleaning or removing dirt, debris, or other physical sources of contamination). The same processes go to work inside ducts, on tables and counters, bathroom tiles, doorknobs, and almost every surface you can touch, helping to insure and maintain a more thorough cleaning regimen.

This solution is perfect where accessible ducts already exist or will be installed and where low maintenance, no cleaning, or discreet installation might also be an advantage. The product is perfect for restaurants, bars, businesses, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, office buildings, churches, schools and dorm rooms.

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